Bubble Play Apk

ThumbnailBubble Play Apk Discription Blow up a balloon with a ton of different cute characters. Shoot them to match thesame color group. When the bubble into one group, they explode, and you get points. Try to burst as many bubbles as you can in a minimum number of moves. Use special items and power-ups to burst more bubbles. Opens various pets that... [Read More]

Real Football 2013 - High and Lite


Real Football 2013 (Lite).jar

Real Football 2013 (High).jar

(Reupdate Links) Grand Theft Auto 5 - High

Name:Grand Theft Auto 5.jar
Size:788.99 KB
Support: High
Screen: 240x320
Type: JAR
Link: Grand Theft Auto 5.jar

Real Football 2014 High

Play Real Football 2014 High Version for your Touchscreen 240x3tm phone

Tokyo Drift 3D Touch 240x320

Become the best competitor in drift racing! Feel the realistic and amazing driving of Tokyo Drift 3D!
Awesome 3D graphics with lots of different cars!Lots of new tracks! Different types of game modes to play! Accelerometer Enabled

Link: Tokyo Drift 3D.jar

(New Update Links!) REAL FOOTBALL 2014 Lite

ThumbnailName : Real Football Vendor : Gameloft SA Genre : Sport Features : 2D || Touchscreen Language : English Platform : Java File Tipe : Jar Description: True Football atmosphere with improved graphics and animations, cleaner menus and livelier stadiums A new Skills Lab mode to hone your skills and improve your dexterity through 5 engaging mini-games You can now challenge other players in Team Manager mode. Are... [Read More]

Pro Tennis 2013 240x320 Touch - Lite

Pro Tennis 2013 -> Games/Apps 240x320 Touch Java touch playstore

- Pro Tennis 2013
- Lite version.
- File size: 300.67 KB

Download Link: Download Here Pro Tennis 2013 Lite Version 240x320 Touch.jar